In mid-March, I’ve worked on the maintainability of the radare web-UIs. I had to show my capabilities so, I’ve set my environment and I (partially) solved the issue #7.

The problem is quite simple, this project contains several UI (5) with code duplication and no dependency management who led to duplicate libraries across the different UI. The maintainability suffer from this but we have to keep in mind one more requirement: we want to export those UI individually with fully constructed and isolated dependencies.

Some attempts were made before my contribution, I’ve continued on this path with Grunt and Bower with the existing makefiles to build the UI independently. Some hours of work later, I was doing a pull-request to fix the related issue.


My work during this summer is focused on one UI, the recent one, using the MDL. As I’ve submitted in my proposal for the GSoC, my work will be dedicated to improve this UI in particular by adding some useful functionalities. The aim beside those improvements is to make this UI more user-friendly. This will help both newcomers and pro-users to easily use this kind of tools with a graphical and efficient interface.

As I’ve understood, the community currently use the four interfaces depending of their needs. I hope my work will lead them to use just one complete interface.