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On this article, I will talk about how I’ve refactored some parts of the previous module (hexdump) to make it reusable for the disasembly. Both module have a lot of similarities: infinite scrolling, contextual menu, flex container, etc.

My last article was talking about the hexdump, I’ve continued to work on it and about some performances issues.

Past few days, I’ve been working on a the hexdump panel. The purpose is to take bytes and make them readables and be able to navigate inside. The functionnalities needed was the next:

I’ve worked this last few days on implementing the dual column view as I planned to do in my proposal.

I’ve experimented some hard time this week to conciliate both the end of my courses (exams and school work) and GSoC. A week without coding, just looking for some tools to inspire myself and chose what tool to integrate for the next functionnality: a new hexdump. So, I’ve decided to write a small article to speak about the implementation of the DataTable plugin and the fixes I’ve made on the same period.

First week, I’ve been working on an autocompletion form on the search field of the UI. It’s my first UI component for radare2 Material Design UI which is based on material-design-lite framework. I have encountered some problems during this implementation which is currently merged.

Updated May, 19th

In mid-March, I’ve worked on the maintainability of the radare web-UIs. I had to show my capabilities so, I’ve set my environment and I (partially) solved the issue #7.

I write today since I’ve been accepted to work on the radare web interface through the Google Summer of Code. I was busy between my lasts schools projects and the exams and from the date of my application, I was slowly going to miss it! Hopefully, my friend Maijin was here to remind me!